About us

Iridium”: precious metal, rare on Earth copious in the meteorites.

Gubbio is rich of itCome and find out the reason!

The Association Iridium starts from the desire of a group of rural qualified tourist operators, sensitive to what the tourists want today.

You will stop and have a pleasant chat between friends who will be glad to host you in their stone cottages.

You will find real quiet places where you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets, starry skies and magical atmosphere.

You will know towns full of history and will taste unique and unknown flavors.

You will discover the simplicity and freedom that only nature can give you and you will be in contact with different species of animals.

You will forget the stress of the city and sleepless nights.

You will enjoy the country with all your senses and feel the pulse of Green Heart of Italy.

If you need a new energy, you should come to Umbria and be enchanted.

Agriturismi Iridium Gubbio